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As DJs, we spend most of our time serving others - this weekend, we're focusing on ourselves to learn and grow our skills and community.

DJ Focus is a Retreat by DJs, for DJs! 

We’re gathering a bunch of DJs together under one roof to see what we build together. We’re aiming for a weekend of heartfelt connection, learning together, awesome parties, and unbridled music nerdery.

What will the container look like? 

DJ Focus will run an Open Space format, which means most sessions will be created by participants. Get creative and think about what you'd like to discuss! We listed some examples below if you’d like inspiration. 

  • 'Wrapping cords 101' 

  • 'Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion'

  • “Music I Love But Don’t Get to Play”

  • 'Actionable Feedback during a live set'

  • 'Show and Tell' (bring your gear and tell us about it),

  • 'How to support and grow your local DJ community'

What is Open Space?

Open Space Technology is a method for getting people to create sessions around topics they care about, like DJing! If you’ve never been to an Open Space event before, know that most of the content is generated by the participants. Everyone gets a chance to host sessions, and multiple sessions run simultaneously in different break out spaces. 

We never know exactly what will happen when we host an Open Space, but we can guarantee when awesome people work together, they create something extraordinary. If there is something you want to do or talk about, plan to host it. Make it happen, bring the things!

Who should attend?
This is an event for DJs!  Whether you’ve been DJing one year or twenty, this event is for you! 
You must be: 
  • a current or aspiring DJ 
  • passionate about music
  • excited to share, contribute and participate.

This weekend will be focused on DJing for in-person events. Virtual events are great, but in-person events are what’s really close to our hearts. 


What are the Covid protocols for the event?

​What to Expect

Opening circle starts at 8pm sharp!!! Show up early so you have time to settle. 


The Law of Mobility (paraphrased from the Law of Two Feet) - If at any time you feel you are neither learning nor contributing to the space, it is your responsibility to move on to somewhere else.


What to Bring
  • A device to play music - computer or iPad, etc. with a power cord

  • Music Library on device - download before event

  • Headset

  • Any tech (soundcard, mixer, etc.) you’d like to show off and educate us on at the ‘Show and Tell’ session. We’d love to learn!

  • Bathing suit for the hot tub

  • Food for the weekend. You’re feeding yourselves! 

  • Supplies for any sessions you want to host

  • Good vibes, curiosity, and excitement! 

What is DJ Focus?

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