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Have a question that isn't covered here? Please contact us


Who should attend? 

This is an event for DJs! You should be a (current or aspiring) DJ, have a passion for music, and be excited to share, contribute and participate. 

What are the Covid protocols for the event?

Please be vaccinated and take a mandatory rapid test (with negative results) the same day of your arrival. Masks are welcomed and optional. Bring a photo of your test results to show at the door upon entry.  

We are monitoring WA state and CDC guidelines.  As the landscape of the pandemic continues to change, we will update our protocols closer to the event, if needed.

What is Open Space?

Briefly, Open Space is a methodology for getting people to self-organize around things they care about. Like DJing! If you’ve never been to an Open Space event before, know that most of the content is generated by the participants. The organizers are here to direct traffic and hold space, not to teach. If you’re excited to see something at this event, plan to bring it!


Do I need to facilitate an Open Space session in order to attend?
No. You do not need to facilitate a session to attend.


Cancellation Policy

Refunds issued up to 30 days before the event starts. 

We will not issue refunds within one month of the event, unless we are able to transfer your ticket to a person on the waitlist. We understand there may be exceptions. Please contact us ASAP, if you have a special situation, so we have time to get tickets sorted before the event.

Is there a waitlist? 

Yes! Once we sell out, we are using a waitlist to offer tickets on a first come, first serve basis. If you notice we are sold out of event tickets, please sign up for the waitlist. The waitlist is managed through registration.

Do you need any Volunteers?

Yes! All participants are volunteers. We need people to help set up, tear down, rally power cleaning in the kitchen after meals, help with sorting LNT, and more! We'll send you a link to a spreadsheet for sign ups closer to the event. 

What is the event doing regarding LNT (Leave No Trace) and how can I contribute?
We will be sorting trash, recycles, compost, and burnables. The venue takes trash, and we will be packing out everything else. If you are able to pack out a bag, please take it with you. Please bring your own water bottles to refill.

The venue has a sensitive septic system. Please make sure you’re only flushing small amounts of toilet paper and nothing else. 

Where is the venue? 

This venue is located in the greater Seattle area. The exact address will be sent to attendees closer to the event. 

Will there be internet?

The venue does not have wifi. Download any Spotify playlists ahead of time.

Do I need to bring bedding, sheets or a towel?
If you are sleeping in a bed, the venue provides all bedding, pillows, blankets, and sheets. If you are a nomad, you are responsible for bringing your own tent, hammock, air mattress, love sac, pillow, sleeping bag, etc.  


Towels are provided by the venue. If your hair is dyed a fashion color, please bring a dark towel so you don't stain the towels or sheets.  


When will I have access to the bed spreadsheet? 

You need to purchase an event ticket AND sleeping space ticket.  Once you've done that, we will send you a link to a spreadsheet where you can call dibs on your sleeping space. 

How do sleeping spaces work?

Each person attending the event MUST purchase an Event Ticket AND a sleeping ticket. The sleeping space tickets are listed in Eventbrite. If you purchase the Queen bed and want to share with a partner, have them purchase an Event Ticket and a “Queen Buddy" ticket.

What are the expectation for meals?

Food is love! We'll be providing coordinated group dinners together. For breakfast and lunch, bring your favorite easy food items to access at your convenience. There will be a "snacks to share" table available and everyone is welcome to contribute. 

Bring pre-cooked things, if possible, to reduce kitchen time. There needs to be enough room for everyone, so please be mindful of how much you are bringing into the space. We will send out a spreadsheet after registration, if you'd like to coordinate with others for meals.


Food Allergies?

If you’re going to die or will be caused great harm if someone brings something you’re allergic to, please let us know so we may let the group know! 

Parking and ride shares?

The venue has VERY limited parking, and we highly encourage people to carpool. We will send a rideshare spreadsheet after registration. 

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