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We’re building a space where we can take artistic risks, ask difficult questions, and grow community. To help enable that magic, we’ve created these guidelines. 


By attending DJ Focus, you agree to practice the following to the best of your ability;

  • Be welcoming, kind and considerate. Greet each other with open hearts. Everyone here was invited as a respected artistic collaborator. Check your ego at the door. 


  • Respect. Support and include DJs of every sex, race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, skill level, etc. Diversity is a strength. 


  • Be present and aware of your surroundings. Listen and connect with your fellow attendees. Be aware of your impact on others.


  • Get curious. Try to understand the other person’s reality before making judgements. As much as possible, don’t take anything personally. Ask questions. Don’t make assumptions. 


  • Be proactive in your own experience. If you find yourself in a space where you are neither learning nor contributing, we encourage you to change it. If something isn’t working for you, speak up. If you have an issue with someone, try to resolve it together. 


  • Criticize ideas, not people. When disagreeing or giving critical feedback, direct it at the idea or track, not the person (e.g. “That track didn’t land for me” instead of “I don’t like your DJ style”). 

  • Moderate Distractions. Limit your use of substances and devices, so we can be present, share ideas, and build community together.

  • Consent. Yes means yes, anything else means no. If you’re not sure, please ask. Establish consent before touching, giving feedback, borrowing someone’s gear, etc.


  • Leave No Trace. Clean up after yourselves in the common spaces and take everything with you when you leave.


If your conduct causes someone to feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you will be approached by a

DJ Focus team member. We will tell you the behavior at issue and suggest changes. If you refuse or there are repeated issues, we will ask you to leave. 

Code of Conduct

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