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It all started with a conversation in a hot tub.

For years, Jo Ann Coker and Telind Bench independently dreamt about gathering a group of DJs to spend a whole weekend nerding out together. We kept finding ourselves in various hot tubs, talking about the things we love about music and DJing.


We talked about things like…

How giddy we’d get finding new music

The rare connection that happens in between sets.

 The spark of excitement when introducing someone to a new song. ​​​

That vulnerable moment when we thought we bombed, only to realize that everyone else thought we crushed our set.

Those chats that get you stoked about the music, and leave you glowing for the rest of the night​.


We wished there was a space for DJs to build community. 

To have an opportunity to connect, create, and have conversations like this.

In 2022, DJ Focus was born! 

While it will have other organizers in the future, the core mission remains the same. 



Jo Coker (she/they) 

Seattle, WA 


Jo is a Seattle based Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, and has been a massage therapist, dance instructor, event organizer, and DJ for over 20 years. 


Her dance roots are based in Lindy Hop and Balboa. She has also explored other partner dances such as Blues, Waltz, Foxtrot, West Coast Swing, Bachata, and many more.


As an avid lover and collector of music, Jo is blessed to have an outlet for her obsession through DJing.


She has played at events such as Denver Fusion Exchange, Seattle Fusion Exchange, Lindy Focus, Camp Hollywood, Camp Jitterbug, All Balboa Weekend, Rain City Blues, and Burning Man events. In addition to DJing dance events, Jo is a professional DJ for corporate events, weddings, and parties. She has taught and facilitated multiple DJ workshops. 


Jo runs one of the longest running and largest fusion dance events, Sound Fusion (formerly Om Fusion) and is a co-organizer of DJ Focus.


Emily Smith (she/her)
Seattle, WA

I started to DJ local blues venues in 2005 and participated in Burn Blues DJ mentorship program. In 2006 I started volunteering to DJ at national events including Down Home Blues, Steel City Blues, Show Me Blues, BluesShout and the blues rooms at Lindy exchanges all along the west coast and Utah. I was the lead organizer for Blues Underground for 2 years from 2007-2009. I was on the organizing staff for ECBF and the traveling Fusion exchanges in San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, and Boston. I took up ownership of Emerald City Blues Festival in 2019, and have taught multiple DJ workshops as well as many hours in 1:1 feedback sessions with local DJs. 

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